Science from Scientists is a non-profit that strives to improve science and technology awareness in middle school and late elementary students around Greater Boston; our materials target 4th–8th grade students.

At [school] I was introduced to a group of young scientists … who began mentoring … students … for the school’s first science fair. The [SfS] lessons were fun; they were taught by people passionate about science and their energy was contagious. We were learning science vocabulary and using these words in our classroom discussions. My curiosity was piquing and the momentum was building. I was eager to pick my project topic and begin working.” Read the full letter— Leslie H., former student

Thanks to generous grants and donations our organization receives from our donors, we are able to offer free hands-on curriculum assistance to many schools, clubs and other organizations, primarily in Greater Boston. Science from Scientists also offers some for-fee services, which are described more fully alongside our no-cost offerings on the programs page.

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