Science from Scientists is a non-profit that strives to improve science and technology awareness in middle school and late elementary students around Greater Boston; our materials target 4th–8th grade students.

I cannot thank you enough for allowing SfS to be part of McCall. … The role model that SfS shares with McCall sends a wonderful message to our students that science is an important part of our lives. There is also an underlying message—SfS individuals have selected science to study as a student and, more importantly, to select it as a career is powerful!— 6th grade teacher at McCall Middle School, Winchester

Thanks to generous grants and donations our organization receives from our donors, we are able to offer free hands-on curriculum assistance to many schools, clubs and other organizations, primarily in Greater Boston. Science from Scientists also offers some for-fee services, which are described more fully alongside our no-cost offerings on the programs page.

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