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Do you have any printed materials about your organization available?
Yes, feel free to download our brochure (PDF).

Do you work outside of Massachusetts?
Not at this time, although we are exploring our options. Please let us know where you are located and what your role is—parent, teacher, principal, etc.—so that we can factor the demand for our services elsewhere into future expansion decisions.

Why did you change your name?
Clarity. Not only does our new name succinctly describe our mission, we became aware that the term foundation has a specific meaning in the non-profit world.


Do you offer any programs for high school aged students?
At the present time our programs primarily focus on middle school students. However, we may be able to offer assistance with science fairs. Feel free to contact us with the details of your needs.

We would like to create a “Science Day” for middle school students. Can SfS help us to create such a day?
Yes, we may be able to assist you with such an event. Please contact us; our list of programs may also be helpful

How much does it cost a school to host the in-class module based instruction program for one school year?
Please contact us for details.

Are you listed in the non-profit directory Guidestar? What is your EIN/Tax ID?
We are listed in Guidestar , and our EIN is 20-0792574.

Also see our profile on The Giving Common.

Modules (Lessons)

Do you have a list of the modules that SfS instructors teach?
Yes, the module list is available under programs.

Are the modules organized by grade level?
We do not break the lessons down by grade per se. The majority of the modules are structured such that additional content can be included or omitted as suits the audience and available time.

Are the modules available for purchase or download and use by others?
Our lessons are not available for general use at this time.


What are the requirements to become an Instructor?
Candidates must have undergraduate degrees in math, science, or engineering, and must either hold or be currently pursuing a graduate degree in math, science, engineering, or education. In certain cases, the advance degree requirement may be waived if the candidate has relevant professional experience.

Due to the resources invested in training, and need for continuity in program deliver, candidates must be able to commit to teaching for at least one full school year. The full year may consist of either the fall and spring semesters of the same academic year, or spring of one year and fall of the following year.

How do I apply for an SfS teaching position?
Fill out the application, and email a complete resume to coo@sciencefromscientists.org

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