Science from Scientists inspires and motivates youth to embrace Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM). Our goal is to ensure our nation’s youth is competitive globally in STEM fields through exciting, informative and engaging training by practicing scientists. Our instructors are individuals passionate about science who have undergraduate degrees in STEM, and have received or are pursuing advanced degrees in STEM or education.

Our lesson topics are informed by MCAS requirements and other relevant curriculum frameworks. In addition, we seek to expose students to a broader range of material in the lessons we develop and employ. We quantify our success through the use of pre-post assessment testing.

Science from Scientists was founded by Erika Ebbel Angle—MIT graduate with doctorate in Biochemistry from Boston University School of Medicine—in 2002 and successfully drew attention to the newly-formed 501c(3) non-profit as her platform during her winning bid for Miss Massachusetts in 2004. Erikaʼs life was strongly shaped by experiential science—winning the California state science fair three times on her way to choosing a career as a scientist and science driven entrepreneur. As Erika likes to say, “Science from Scientists gives all students the chance to experience the joy of doing real experiments, making real discoveries and appreciating how amazing our world is.”

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