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Roughly Smooth

You’ve probably done the old trick where you stand in a doorway and push your arms into the door jam for a minute before stepping away—if not try it—here’s a similar sort of trick you can play on yourself.
Centrifugal pump by Dave Ansell

Make a Simple Pump

Create a simple pump that acts as table-top sprinkler. All you need is a straw, a skewer, scissors, tape and these directions.

Colorful cold stuff

If you have some dried up markers lying around, here’s an interesting project you can try with them, make frozen tornadoes. Besides having fun and creating some interesting art, you can learn a little about chemistry along the way. Try experimenting with different kinds of markers, etc. You might [...]

Masters of the Zooniverse

Imagine assisting astronomers with classifying galaxies, observing solar storms, or finding new planets—all in the comfort of your home.…In no time, you could master identifying craters on the moon, picking out characteristics of solar storms, and differentiating different types of galaxies. The [...]

Explore Your Neighborhood & Help Scientists

Did you know that new species of animal are being discovered every day, even here in the United States? Sometimes people find species unknown to science, and other times they discover species that had never been seen in a specific location before. It shouldn’t be too surprising, because most people [...]

Das Bottle

Besides simply packing a lot of information into a snazzy graphic, the latest Howtoons which features plans for a soda bottle submarine, looks pretty cool.
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