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A “Long Term Impact” Story

Recently, while walking through the aisles at a north shore party store I heard someone cry out “Erika!” I turned to see a mom and her daughter. The daughter was one of our first students when she was in the 4th grade, and she is now in the 11th grade. She recently won a regional science fair and [...]
Parlin field trip to MIT

At the feet of “The Alchemist”

Thank you so much once again, this was the teachers’ and students’ favorite field trip!!! Some of the 6th grade students from Everett’s Parlin Elementary School on a field trip to MIT this morning. Students visited the MIT museum, built robots, toured campus and heard about the importance of doing [...]

Fan Art

One of our student’s recently gifted us with this portrait of our mascot Scimon(e). (Click image for a larger version)Thanks Mario!

I am a Paleontologist

Students at a school in Everett excavating mock fossils.
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